Scrumptious Catering



We can deliver anything to your door fresh and oven ready, whether it’s a cake or a three course dinner. As with all my food, everything where possible is sourced locally from my favourite butcher and farm shop. All dishes are cooked fresh and come straight from my kitchen to your door. Why not make the most of the service and order some extra dishes or your freezer for those evenings and days where there are simply better things to do than slave over a hot oven- let me do that!

Delivered Freeze Filling for family of 6 in Notting Hill (Ongoing)

"All the food was perfect from the Thai curry to chicken goujons! I cannot believe I have managed to get my boys eating proper food, and it’s all thanks to your delicious dishes, they cannot get enough of your food. We can now sit down as a family and eat the same food and all enjoy it. Yummy, cannot wait for you to restock the freezer next month!"