Scrumptious Catering



I offer cookery lessons for both children and adults. Teaching the basics from a white sauce to shortbread and more advanced cookery. 

My lessons are normally on a one-to-one basis, however they make a great birthday present for you and a friend to learn and spend the day together. Or maybe your son/daughter is off to university and you want them to learn a few quick, easy, cheap and no mess meals.

Whatever you wish to learn then get in touch to discuss it and we will endeavour to organise a fun day for you teaching you your favourite meals or just simply prepare a head recipes. 

Scrumptious parties are a great way of entertaining those creative children, whether they would like to bake cookies and cakes, make their favourite meal or simply decorate cupcakes. Our parties are packed full of fun and are sure to keep children entertained, whilst coming home with a few new skills! And some delicious food. 

Cookery lesson in East Sussex (September 2016)

"Thanks for a great day Sophie, I have learnt so much from you in one day, you have boosted my confidence and taught me cooking can be fun! Wish me luck with your dishes next week! See you soon for more learning!"